How to Play

Dear IXLer,
We are happy to announce that Weekly Round 1 of IXL 2023 will start on Sunday, September 17, 2023 at 11:00 AM IST (Indian Standard Time). . 
The participants are required to log in to the IXL 2023 game page -
  1. Like any crossword puzzle, type the letters in the appropriate grid.
  2. The players may also pause their game, if they so wish to, by clicking on the “SAVE” button and can re-start it according to their own convenience.
  3. Once the Players are done their solutions, they can submit their solutions by clicking on the “SUBMIT” button.
  4. Remember, once the Players click on the “SUBMIT” button, their solutions would be registered as their final submission and the same cannot be retrieved or changed.
  1. To participate in IXL 2023, you must first register yourself for the championship at . Once the registration is finished, your IXL 2023 username and password will be sent to you via email/sms. Use the log in credentials sent to you for all the online weekly rounds.
  2. IXL 2023 will comprise 10 online weekly rounds followed by the offline Grand Finale in Bengaluru in December 2023.
  3. The weekly rounds will be held every Sunday for 10 consecutive weeks starting from September 17, 2023. (The dates of one or more weekly rounds may change in inescapable circumstances)
  4. The weekly rounds will include solving one Crossword puzzle through cryptic clues which will be posted every Sunday at 11:00 AM IST on under “IXL 2023 – Weekly Round”.
  5. You will be required to submit the complete solution by 11:59 pm the following Wednesday.
  6. The Player with the fastest and all correct solutions will be awarded 100 points. The scores will move in a descending order based on the time taken and correctness of the solutions.
  7. A Leaderboard of the top 100 scoring participants will be created every week. 2 leaderboards shall be posted every week on; the first would be the weekly Leaderboard - based on the scores of individual rounds; and the second would be the Overall leaderboard - based on the cumulative scores of all the weekly rounds as they proceed.
  8. A cumulative addition of the total scores of all the Players for the weekly online rounds will be calculated for the Final Leaderboard after the 10 weekly rounds.
  9. Only the top 30 contestants from the Final Leaderboard will qualify for the Grand Finale, ordinarily. Organisers may also permit wild card entries for the Grand Finale.
  10. Winner of any weekly round becomes eligible to participate in the Grand Finale.
  11. Participants who hold one of the top 5 positions in at least 5 weekly rounds will also be eligible to participate in the Grand Finale.
  12. The Grand Finale is scheduled to be held in December 2023 at Bengaluru subject to the effects of the Corona Virus Pandemic.
Good Luck!!